Introducing our Energy Efficient Range

The espresso coffee machines in the Sanremo Energy Efficient Range boast next generation technology and features that improve both performance and energy efficiency. Sanremo’s Opera II, Cafe Racer, Verona RS and the brand new F18 all use embedded PID, energy management software, with boiler and pipe work insulation to significantly reduce power consumption. In contrast, more traditional, single boiler machines can use up to 50% more energy than the Sanremo Energy Efficient Machines (SEEM). That means coffee shop owners now have the option to slash energy use, costs and lower their carbon emissions.

Good for the planet, good for coffee and good for business! Take a closer look at our energy efficient range below.


The Sanremo Energy Efficient Range:


"I believe as a business, we should be doing our best to develop awareness and to educate our customers about our products, their energy efficiency and their potential impact on the environment. Therefore, we’ve decided to classify our most efficient machines as the Sanremo Energy Efficient Machines (SEEM)." Andrew Tucker, Managing Director.

At Sanremo UK we recognise the great things happening throughout the industry to push towards a united environmental consciousness. Addressing our energy use at point of service is one further thing we can all do. Besides our dedication to making our machines and the machines of the future more energy efficient we are also doing all we can to be green in other ways too - just take a look at our environmental policy!