17th October 2019

Working on the F18 at London Coffee Festival was an amazing experience with all the different options & easy programmability. It was pretty superior to a lot of other machines. It was a pleasure; I only wish we had more time to work on it.

Tom, Old Spike Coffee Roasters
15th October 2019

‘For me, the F18 is a machine that says "I'm here and I take coffee seriously" with its sleek and stealth design whilst being very accessible and easy to learn on. Its interface is very clear and easy to edit recipes as and when needed. The new steam valve allows better control of milk texturing and the insulated wand means no burns! Multiple boilers and the mixed infusion hot water tap allows you to free up counter space by removing any other hot water boilers and still have temperature consistency in your espresso extraction throughout service when you need to make a tea! And soft pre-infusion allows you to maximise extraction and body of espresso and increase consistency and quality in your offer.’

Callum Parsons- Previous UKBC South West heat winn
15th October 2019

‘We have only had our 2 groups Sanremo F18 for a week but it has to be one of my favourite machines to set up so far. From unboxing; filling up to dialling in our recipes. Setting up doses is very intuitive, with the ability to make tiny adjustments via the touch screen, this made the entire process very natural. Luke Parsons of Bruce and Lukes Coffee and Donuts, Carlisle The F18 is very consistent from shot to shot, holding temperature as solid as a rock. The steam pressure is incredible, helping us to steam velvety milk even quicker than before. Finally, it brings a strong presence that you serve high-quality coffee with its sleek looks at comparatively great value vs other machines on the market of similar quality.’ Luke Jackson of Bruce and Lukes' Coffee and Donuts

Luke Parsons - Bruke and Lukes
Cafe Racer
11th February 2019

We are in the fortuitous situation to use a Sanremo Cafe Racer at Pharmacie Coffee Roasters...Having used every hunk o'junk on the espresso machine market over the last 15 years, it is a genuine pleasure to test our espresso on the Racer. Every shot is fully extracted and fully replicable.

Pharmacie Coffee Roasters, Brighton
Zoe Machine
19th November 2018

Greetings from The Willow Tree Cafe in the heart of Saltaire, newly open Vegan cafe supplying the best Casa Espresso coffee with such a great machine. I’ve worked with the old version of the Zoe machine previously and absolutely loved working with it, but let me say the new version of the Zoe is such a beautiful machine, with a timer to gauge how long your shots of coffee are running, this is an excellent add-on especially for training new members of staff up.

Stacey & Shaun, The Willow Tree Cafe
Cafe Racer
12th October 2018

I received delivery of my new Cafe Racer yesterday and it was installed today by Matt and Dan. I just wanted to say how brilliant they were and how they went above and beyond to ensure our new machine was set up perfectly. I am already really happy with the service received from Sanremo and can't wait to start using our beautiful new machine.

Donna, The Paddle
Sanremo Opera
17th August 2018

I work with the Sanremo Opera day in, day out. Consistently brilliant. A work of art and genious perfectly flowed into a beast of a machine. Outputting extremely beautiful espresso, engineered to specific taste. Top investment and great support from the Sanremo staff. Looking forward to a great many espresso from these guys

They rock
16th August 2018

I work with Sanremo Machines everyday & they rock.

Perfect service
14th August 2018

Perfect service and always professional.

Excellent service
10th August 2018

We’ve been working with the Sanremo team now for a few years. Excellent service, excellent machines .. looking forward to many more years working together. We’ll done guys.

Sanremo Opera
08th August 2018

"Sanremo Opera" is my daily workhorse! Rugged and over engineered yet elegant and reliable!

Great support with training
05th August 2018

Such great support with training during the few years I competed in UKBC, wonderful people and amazing machines x

Best coffee machine!
24th June 2016

This is the machine we went for for our opening in November 2012. We chose it after some extensive research into machines and what would work well and suit our brand. It is definitely the best looking machine I've ever seen and gets some great comments from customers. Most importantly it produces some great espresso and has not let us down yet.

Peter Unitt