The Sanremo F18 is ready for take off! With a sleek design and user-friendly interface inspired by fighter jets, our newest machine is a tried and tested workhorse and top performer.Read more

It was an amazing experience with all the different options & easy programmability. It was pretty superior to a lot of other machines. It was a pleasure, I only wish we had more time to work on it.

Thomas, Old Spike. Guest Roaster

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Key Features

  • With PID heat control and insulated boilers the F18 falls into our SEEM Range (Sanremo Energy Efficient Machines) which means it will use up to 35% less C02 than a traditional single boiler machine.
  • The high-performance stainless steel steam wands are 'Cool Touch' meaning baristas can give 100% to focussing on their latte art without worrying about the risk of burns. 
  • Quarter turn reliable stainless steel steam knobs 
  • The capacitive touch display interface makes navigation easier than ever.
  • Its all-metal solid angular structure makes it durable and longlasting- it looks like it could withstand a nuclear explosion
  • All electronics mounted in side panels, designed for easy engineer access.

  • Internal electronics are sophisticated and optimised for safety

  • Incredible temperature stability, making this machine perfect for medium to high volume establishments.

Colours available in all Black, White and Black

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The F18 espresso coffee machine is one of our energy efficient machines and as such it boasts next generation technology and features that improve both performance and energy efficiency. Find out more about the Sanremo Energy Efficient Machines (SEEM) range.