The UK Barista Championship is one, if not the most exciting National Barista competition in the world, a hotbed of consistent high and winning performance in the World Barista Championship (WBC) over recent years. Where better then than the UK barista circuit to have Sanremo’s exciting TCS (Temperature Control System) and advanced and new for 2014, the RS system put through its paces and let some of the country’s foremost Baristas test and feed back on the performance and special functions featured on the Sanremo Verona models.

“The UKBC circuit is a great place for anyone who loves being at the cutting edge of coffee. It is the ultimate platform for talented Baristas to push the boundaries and the TCS system has been fantastically received giving competitors a level of control over their coffee extraction, that they may not have been used to before” says Andrew Tucker of Sanremo UK.

“The new RS system, introduced in 2014, took even bigger step into temperature stability, resulting in an almost impenetrable coffee consistency, rated highly by the competition baristas to the extend that 95% of them would recommend it.

In the 2014 competition we have seen some of the great UK Coffee Personalities along with many up and coming baristas blazing the ever developing coffee trail. What you have seen those guys do in competition will become practice in the high street in the coming months and years.”

This year was the final year for Sanremo as a UKBC sponsor and we would like to thank you everyone we have met along the way and enjoyed this fantastic journey with us. Read the full thank you note from Andrew Tucker here.

Useful Links

Verona RS – the NEW UK Barista Championship Machine for 2014

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Training Facilities Around the Country


UK Barista Championship

2012, 2014 – Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood

Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood has brought a real gentlemanly quality to the competition with his articulate but accurate presentations giving such clarity to his coffees you can taste then before they are extracted! He really gets what the new wave of coffee is all about and how it applies to business. If you want to learn and be inspired about coffee, don’t miss one of the talks or performances.- Andrew Tucker

Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood

2010, 2011, 2013 – John Gordon

We love John. Since the first year of our involvement with UKBC John Gordon was there, on the road setting up the UKBC heats and finals. He has always put so much in to the development of coffee that people will always appreciate and follow him. – Andrew Tucker

John Gordon

2009 – Gwilym Davies

Gwylim Davis brought a captivating dimension to the competition.. He is a great advocate and ambassador for world of coffee. He not only won the UKBC in 2009, but was also World Barista Champion the same year. Every time I talk to Gwilym I learn something new and get excited about coffee. – Andrew Tucker

Gwilym Davies