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2700W 230V

Customer Reviews 4.8 5 4.8/5 Based on 4 reviews


Sanremo Roma TCS 2 Group Reviewed by

Machine bought from Caber (Coffee) at a fantastic price mid 2012, used extensively, output 200-300 cups a day. Very easy to use and set up. Variables easy to manipulate and adapt to roast. Temperature and pressure stability excellent. Steam wands not particularly robust, may need replacing frequently but no real issues so far. Would definitely recommend this machine even at RRP.


Sanremo Roma TCS 2 Group (white) Reviewed by

Purchased for the opening of our new shop in April 2011 this machine is amazing! It is very reliable, great during busy periods and produces consistently good coffee. It's also a fantastic looking machine attracting lots of compliments - I swear it's got a personality of its own.


Roma Reviewed by

We have retired old Cimbali m20 coffee machine and sent Sanremo Roma TCS to battle earlier this year. The machine is now seasoned and making a superb cup of joe. We run a single origin with the group temps at 92c. We built the counter around the Roma! It is Fantastic!!!


Sanremo Verona Reviewed by

This machine is one of the best I have every worked on. The shot quality is exceptional and the design and usability of the machine is great and never fails to turn heads. The self clean feature is really great and is quick and easy so you can get back to service quickly. A truly fantastic machine and one what is a pleasure to work on.