What is a #freepourallstar? A barista who makes badass, world class coffee, every day. The kind of coffee we dream about from the moment we wake up. The kind of coffee that gets snapped for likes. Coffee that we literally cannot cope without.

Honing their craft at the crack of dawn. On the grind from the word go. These baristas have weighed their shots, perfected the pour and fully geeked out on the pressure, volumetrics, water quality, gear and beans required to make a first class cup of joe.

They make it look easy.

These baristas don’t have laurels to rest on. They have skills to test and trophies to win.

Rockstar baristas need high grade barista kit and the Sanremo’s Café Racer was made for champions.


Want to know why the Sanremo Café Racer Coffee Machine is the official competition machine for the SCA’s 2018 UK Coffee in Good Spirits and UK Latte Art Championship?

We’re the machine of champions because we built it that way.

Sanremo’s Café Racer espresso machine was created in collaboration with coffee champions and industry experts. We know that incredible baristas need consistent, intelligent, efficient machines and the Café Racer delivers on all accounts.

Find out more about how the Café Racer performs for #freepourallstars at the UK Latte Art Championship and the UK Coffee in Good Spirits events.


"This is champion grade barista kit" Dhan Tamang, Six Time UK Latte Art Champion


"It’s probably my favourite looking machine" James Wise, 2017 UK Coffee Masters Champion