We went to Bristol for the day to visit some exciting sites around the city which use our machines to quench the thirst of the masses. This was one of our finds…incredible speciality coffee can be served up from all types of spaces!

Meet Fency, she and her husband Arrow run a resilient and humble food & beverage kiosk that has been rumoured to be up there with providing one of the best cups of coffee you can acquire in Bristol. We use the word resilient because this little business has had to continually battle against the council in order to keep its rightful spot on a popular route for commuters, city explorers and caffeine seekers. There’s a reason it has lived to keep serving! Just Ground, in the heart of Bristol’s St Augustine’s Parade is small but mighty just like the Sanremo Zoe from which they serve delicious locally roasted coffee from Extract. From the outside it would be fair to say many would not expect to receive a beverage so well-crafted and to the standard of any high-end, trendy coffee bar.


What a treat for those unassuming people who stumble across Bristol’s best kept speciality coffee secret! The husband and wife power team take huge pride in satisfying the regular faces in their community with a top-quality level of service that is always delivered with a smile.
We asked Arrow what they liked about the Zoe and they highlighted four things: price, size, capacity and function.
We are thrilled to know our machine has seen them through the years of presenting flawless latte art and beautifully balanced coffee time and time again. Bristol, if you’re passing by, we urge you to pay these guys a visit. You might even find yourself changing your route to work.