Extract Coffee has become one of the UK’s first proud owners of a Café Racer, so we talked to Callum Parsons, barista and Extract Regional Manager who recently won the South West heat of the 2017 UK Barista Championships. We wanted to know what this budding champion thinks about the Café Racer…

First. Congratulations on winning the South West heat of the UKBC.

Thank you. I was really chuffed with the result. There were some tough competitors in this heat so with the support of the guys in the Roastery, I worked really hard in the weeks running up to the competition and thankfully it paid off.

In the midst of all that, why did Extract Coffee choose the Cafe Racer?

The looks are fantastic, I don't think anything else on the market can really compare to it. From the exposed frame to the ability to add custom panels, you can make it unique to your business while the shot technology is industry leading and the soft infusion really produces a coffee with amazing weight and mouthfeel. It’s great for helping to extract new flavours from coffees. So when it reached the UK, we had to have one.

What value do you feel it brings to Extract Coffee?

Most importantly, I t provides the option for our partners to have a machine that’s unique within the market and that can be made unique to them and their objectives as well. The group head display also allows them to monitor the shots throughout service with ease and so maintain control over every coffee they make

How is it benefitting your baristas?

As said, it gives them the ability to monitor shot quality throughout service, plus also the ability to play around with pre-infusion and temperatures, and adjust doses with ease. It also steams amazing milk for latte art.

How have you found the support of the Sanremo team?

I’ve always been a massive fan of the Sanremo team. Andrew has kept us well informed and we always feel our experience and knowledge is welcomed with open arms. I have been hands in with this machine for the past two years, starting in Milan in 2015 and it’s great to see it now being unleashed into the market and with such great immediate demand. We have three coming to our cafes in the South West already!

What do you most value about the Cafe Racer and how do you feel it’s different to other coffee machines?

I really am into its looks and customisation options, but it has the benefit of pulling absolutely fantastic shots which of course is the dream combo!

You have worked with the Sanremo Opera before - what do you think are the benefits of the two different machines?

For me the Opera is for the cafe seeking to extract everything possible out of coffee with all its functions and pressure profiling. It works well in an environment with multiple coffees on offer as it can run many different recipes at the same time

You’re soon competing again in the UK Barista Championship - how is it going so far?

Well the semis are in mid August so I'm now looking at coffee selection and how to keep my routine fresh. The South West heat, which I won, was back in February, so it feels like a long time ago! It’s a case of getting familiar again with it all with a lot of late nights and weekends in the roastery, but its always worth it!