We are excited to announce that the NEW Sanremo ‘Verona RS’ competition machines have just arrived with us in the UK, ready for the UKBC!  These are the competition versions of the Verona RS, one of the new fleet of machines coming in from Sanremo, Italy.

After the success of the Verona TCS, used in the Barista Championships for the past 5 years,[1] the RS has to be something special and is.  There are numerous new features and facilities on the RS and here we give you an overview of some of the key parts.

The RS inside - A new level of temperature precision

The most important part of the RS is the way it manages coffee extraction temperature.  It is easiest to go through this from start to finish.

- The PID controlled individual group head boilers are fed by a combination of hot water from a heat exchanger in the main boiler and cold incoming water which both pass through a mixer and deliver input water at approximately 78oC.  This means that the destabilisation effect of taking in water as coffee is made is almost entirely eliminated.

- Next the group head boilers themselves have been enlarged and are now made from high grade stainless steel.

- A final and important enhancement to the temperature management system is the addition of PID controlled heaters in the group heads themselves.  These are controlled at the target temperature, the same as the group boiler.

To further stabilise the RS temperature control system, the boilers and all associated pipework are fully insulated.  This all means that the RS system delivers unprecedented stability at the point of coffee extraction.  No matter how hard you work the Verona RS, it is almost impossible to knock the temperature away from its set point.

And more for the Barista

Another great feature of this new machine is the pre-infusion control it gives Baristas.  A 2 way valve, allows the barista to programme for water to be pumped to the group head at 3 bar pressure before kicking up to standard pump pressure (normally 9 bar).  The difference this additional control makes to the Baristas ability to manage extraction is outstanding.  Simple but highly effective.

The RS outside - Barista Information

While retaining the strong styling of the Verona range, there are some immediate external differences that tell it apart from the TCS model.

Group head information

The RS has a separate new display above each group head.  This shows espresso shot time as well as real time group temperature, while the shot is extracting.

The main machine display (on the right) is now larger and displays information for the Barista such as individual group boiler set temperature, steam boiler temp and water level.

This is a touch screen display, used for programming and providing management information.

Finally for UKBC competitors

All of us at Sanremo wish every single Barista in this year’s competition the very best of luck with their preparations and performances.  We really look forward to seeing you all at the Superheat in Birmingham just a week away!


[1] Over 90% of competition Baristas rate the Sanremo Verona TCS as Very Good or Good for ‘Temperature stability’, ‘Consistency of results’, and ‘Solid build’ and now, countless coffee houses across the UK specify and use the machine for both its looks and outstanding coffee making consistency.