Cafe Racer Espresso Machine

When deciding which professional espresso machine to purchase there are many factors to consider.  In the competitive UK market, cafes are seeking the best commercial coffee machines that offer great performance, low running costs, and better energy efficiency than ever before.

Each of the Sanremo Energy Efficient Machines (SEEM) have been developed to be the kind of cafe or restaurant espresso machine that performs consistently whilst allowing baristas to make more sustainable coffee. Here's what makes our SEEM collection stand out among professional espresso machine brands.


Low Energy Group Head Cleaning & Backflushing

Many professional single boiler espresso machines for sale in the UK, utilise heat exchangers fed by a steam boiler running at around 1 bar.  As a consequence, before brewing espresso, water flushed through the head is needed to cool the grouphead water so as not to over-extract the coffee.  In this case, if the machine has to recover after every purge of water, it would utilise more energy than is required for such a small volume of water.

In contrast, with the Opera 2, baristas simply press a button for a small quantity of water to dispense, to allow removal of used coffee grounds on the group head screens.  This is beneficial in two ways; a large volume of water is not required as brew water is at the correct temperature, and the head being flushed would recover with a smaller element than that of the steam boiler, consuming less energy on the whole.


Group Head Power Reduction

Each espresso machine in the SEEM range has the ability to turn off one group head (or 2 in a 3 group head coffee machine) during quieter times.  This means that when coffee is required, there is no delay while the machine heats up, but baristas can minimise the energy used outside of peak cafe hours by reducing the number of heads in active service.

Manufacturers with an 'eco mode', which reduces boiler temperatures after periods of inactivity,  argue that this is an effective means of reducing energy consumption.  In practice, 'eco mode' means that when coffee is required, there can be a delay of a few minutes while the machine ramps back up to a suitable brewing temperature, which in many scenarios, is likely to frustrate customers. We believe that this mode is less likely to actually be used and is less likely to have a genuine impact.


Cool Touch Steam Wands

Cool touch steam wands are provided on all Sanremo advanced machines. As well as being a brilliant safety feature, these wands are highly insulated allowing them to retain more heat per blast, thus reducing energy wastage.


Boiler Insulation

Each of our SEEM espresso machines includes insulation and PID control systems for smart energy management to save up to 30% of energy compared to a single boiler, uninsulated espresso machine.  This simple yet effective modification can make a big difference in the energy consumption of a professional espresso machine, keeping your carbon footprint low and quality of service high.

Each of the espresso machines in our SEEM range has been designed with performance in mind. Learn more about the collection.