Sanremo UK has supported their South West Distributor, Coffee West, at the opening of the UK Coffee School SW.

The ever increasing South West addiction to Coffee has made coffee one of the only industries to see continued growth over the worldwide economic downturn.  Reflecting this, a new national coffee training centre 'UK Coffee School SW' was launched this week by 12 year old local business, Coffee West.  The Centre was endorsed by top industry specialists at inspirational seminar on the future of coffee and keeping ahead in a dynamic market.

[headline]Inspirational talks from industry leaders[/headline]

UK Barista Champion, Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood topped the bill of speakers at the launch delivering an enlightening talk on the powerful impact that good coffee training and consistency of offering a good coffee have on business performance.  Maxwell highlighted that it does not matter whether coffee is being served in a specialist coffee shop, leisure attraction or a hotel; consumers know the difference and staff have to know how to deliver that difference for them.

Fascinating insights into the pressures affecting future of world-wide coffee supplies came from Andy Fawkes, one of the UK's top coffee roasters (Masteroast). Andy highlighted the main sustainability issues and mentioned prediction that wild coffee could be extinct by 2080. He revealed ideas for facing those issues with the social aspects of involving and empowering women and youth in coming years.

There was also a heart rending picture of the plight of some people from the growing countries presented by Elisa Kelly of the Coffee Kids Charity, supported by Coffee West.  Coffee Kids work contributes directly to community led projects in the high growing areas of South America where some of the finest coffees are grown.   Their work helps raising standards of healthcare, education, farming and living in general which leads to sustaining the supply of premium hand-picked Arabica coffees. Elisa emphasised the importance of mutual involvement to safeguard "a better coffee future".

The event was supported by representatives from the Beverage Standard Association (BSA), as well as the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE), and attended by a number of top local companies from food and hospitality industry based in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset.

"It was a worthwhile afternoon full of industry insights. The flavours, passion and work behind every single shot of coffee are very close to our hearts already. It was interesting to hear about the concept of giving back to the community the way that Coffee Kids do - extremely inspirational", said Don Kibble from Caffe Tutto, Paignton, Devon, who attended the event with his top barista, Maja Michalowska.

[headline]The UK Coffee School[/headline]

William Folkes of Coffee West said "Consumer expectations of coffee in the South West are increasing noticeably year by year and people are really beginning to know the difference between a good coffee and bad.  And with intense pressure on spending, we see that those businesses that are doing well are those that recognise this long term trend and take constant action to improve what they do and offer to their customers.  Training plays a critical part in this"

The UK Coffee School sets new industry standards with a unique purpose built coffee shop style training centre.  It has already been nationally accredited by the Beverage Standards Association (BSA) and City & Guilds, and will provide the specialist training for businesses across the Coffee Shop, Tourism and Hotel sectors.

Karen Brady from The Country Table Café, Newton Abbot mentioned: "We have always seen training as one of the most important elements of service provided by our coffee supplier and this facility is really awe inspiring and I have no doubt it will over time make a great difference to the Coffee we serve".

The Centre will initially offer a range of professional training programmes, including the City & Guilds VQR Level 2 Barista Skills, Introductory and Advanced Barista Training as well as Train the Trainer.   Please contact Coffee West for details and next available dates on 01364 644440.


Andrew Tucker, Coffee West; Andy Fawkes, Masteroast Coffee Co Ltd; Elisa Kelly, Coffee Kids; Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, UKBC 2012 Champion; Will Folkes, Coffee West