Stephen, Sanremo’s Technical Services Coordinator joined the team at the start of 2019 after
working in coffee roasting for many years. We thought it was about time we pulledhim away from the phone for a quick coffee break and chat…

From Coffee Roaster to Technical Services Coordinator, tell us about your job role…

My role is very much focused on providing customer support for the technical side of things here at Sanremo. On a day-to-day basis, I deal with a cross-section of people from baristas and business owners to engineers helping them deal with any questions relating to our machines, which is great. Having a background in the industry really helps me to connect with customers – no doubt we have a shared passion for coffee!

Why is it important for people to have their equipment serviced regularly?

Just like any prized piece of machinery, treating your Sanremo Coffee Machine with some TLC is important to ensure it keeps churning out fantastic coffee. Regular servicing not only increases the life of the machine, it really helps to maintain its performance. If you’re passionate about speedy service and the quality of the coffee you serve, it’s in your best interest from a customer service and business perspective to invest time in caring for your equipment. There’s also plenty of everyday practices that will help keep your machine in top nick

For tips on maintaining your machine see our previous blog 5 Tips for Maintaining your Sanremo Coffee Machine

What’s your favourite machine and why?

For me it’s got to be the new F18, it’s been really exciting being involved in the launch of this machine in the UK. The quarter-turn steam nobs really improves the ease of use but most of all I love the design.

You are the designated office barista… but what is your coffee of choice?

Having come from a roastery it does make me the office barista by default, I’m flattered because it means the rest of the team are on board with my coffee-making skills! I’m a sucker for a black americano, especially if it’s made with Kayon Mountain Farm, a single-origin sweet Ethiopian coffee that has really distinguishable notes of cherry – perfect.

How do you spend your time outside of work?

When I’m out of the office it’s time to get outside.I’m lucky to have the moors and the coast right on my doorstep, so walking or cycling with my young family is the perfect day.