Jonny Dawson is our new Brand Ambassador and will be working closely with our partners across the UK to support their business goals through equipment sales. As an authorised AST trainer and a background drenched in coffee- he's your man for any advice on the Sanremo Coffee Machine Range. Here's a little more on our latest recruit...

Welcome to the Sanremo Team! You’ve got quite an impressive background in coffee, tell us more…

I have worked for many coffee roasting brands as a trainer and production roaster. My first roasting job was in a trainee position at Missing Bean in Oxford. Then I progressed my skills, assisting Redemption Coffee Roasters for a short period in the prisons and finally worked with Perky Blenders on a consultancy basis.

You’re an authorised AST trainer … what does this mean exactly?

AST stands for Authorised SCA Trainer, I am licensed to accredit people in Barista Skills and Brewing. I got my license back in 2018 and I have taught people from the UK, Middle East, Asia and South America.

With so many roles in the coffee industry, what was it that attracted you to a career working as a Brand Ambassador for Sanremo Coffee machines?

I have a pretty well - rounded view of the coffee industry after working with various brands and I've been a big fan of Sanremo since my brother and I bought a Café Racer for events many years ago. When I saw the job opening at Sanremo I was immediately intrigued and excited about a potential career change. I wanted to see the coffee industry through a different lens but still work closely with roasteries. The brand Ambassador role is the perfect fit!

In your first week of the job, we sent you out to join the global Sanremo family on their stand at HOSTMILAN. How was this experience? Any highlights?

It was an absolutely amazing opportunity to go to HOSTMILAN! I was welcomed into the wider Sanremo family with open arms and couldn’t ask for a better experience. I particularly loved the stand parties and the whole vibe of the team. There was a real sense of excitement and belief in our machines from people all around the world. I wish HOSTMILAN was an annual event because it really was that good!

You’ve joined us at an exciting time! What have you got in the pipeline?

Yes! I have taken the lead on the launch of the New Sanremo F18. It's the latest multi-boiler espresso machine to join our range and it's set to take the UK by storm. I am currently going around the UK demonstrating it to our wonderful distributors.

Coffee aside, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I enjoy traveling around the UK and doing anything active in my spare time.

Thanks Jonny! We're thrilled to have you on board!