This year at The London Coffee Festival it was fantastic to see so many positive things happening in the industry to encourage sustainability and tackle the many issues facing our planet. It was good to have so many people asking about our new SEEM (Sanremo Energy Efficient Machines) range. We’re the only espresso machine company to have launched an energy grading system which raises awareness that single boiler machines can use 50% or more energy that one of the SEEM machines. Energy waste is a big issue and we are really keen to drive the conversation on this!  Visit to find out more about the range, the research we’ve conducted and the steps we are taking to be a better company... good for baristas, good for business, good for the planet!


Your machine uses

From the data collated our report will provide the basis for an energy grading system, similar to those used with other electronic appliances, to help buyers evaluate and select machines using environmentally relevant performance criteria.  By assimilating what we have learned about the consumption of different commercial espresso coffee machines, this allows us to propose an initial categorisation of espresso machines on an energy- related table. Here's an example of the energy rating sticker we have applied to the Sanremo Cafe Racer

2-Cafe racer FOR PRINT