Jamie’s Italian Head Bartender, Sebastian Brocchi races ahead in Coffee Speed Challenge at the debut ‘Cucchiaini Da Caffe’ event hosted by Kimbo UK and Sanremo UK and held on Tuesday 15th November 2016 in Brentford, London.

Chef and campaigner Jamie Oliver’s Italian-inspired restaurant chain, ‘Jamie’s Italian’ joined the suppliers of their coffee, Kimbo UK, and their espresso machines, Sanremo UK, for the launch of ‘Cucchiaini Da Caffe’. Inspired by and named in Italian after the coffee spoon, it represented the partnership of the three brands and the importance of coffee to the Italian culture.

Thirteen talented Jamie’s Italian bar staff gathered from all over the UK to attend the entertaining and informative event debut, where baristas were encouraged to take part in an Espresso Speed Challenge and then later create their very own coffee-inspired drink.

The competition took the traditional barista championship format and added a twist: the challenge stipulated that each competitor must make four espresso-based drinks - an Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte and Americano – promptly and perfectly, with time penalties for quality and technical errors. Quality and speed are important elements in the customer journey at Jamie’s Italian, and the format highlights these to staff in a fun and informal way.

Sebastian Brocchi, Head Bartender at Jamie’s Italian Victoria, beat 11 other staff members to claim title of the ‘fastest Jamie’s Italian Barista’ with a winning time of 2 minutes 32 seconds and 5 milliseconds, despite penalties. When asked about the event he said ‘It was extremely beneficial, I’m just glad that I won and the coffee is the best I have tried.’ When asked about the machine he replied, ‘the machine is amazing – can I have one?’

Kimbo UK and Sanremo UK hope to repeat the event annually as part of our partnership and the commitment we share in improving the coffee offered at Jamie’s Italian. Thank you so much to those that attended, we look forward to next year.