Every year starts with excitement and high hopes and 2014 starts for us and the people we work with, with even more buzz than usual.

We have some incredible and remarkable developments to show the world. New pieces of equipment abound. Outstanding leaps forward in technology and as usual, Sanremo styling, finish and coffee management capability, is yet again stepping further ahead of the market.

The Verona RS and Verde are strong enough steps in their own right as you will see and I personally can't wait to pull my first shot from the Torino Lever machine.

But despite the excitement we have about these new models and the already startling sales of the Zoe and new Zoe compact, it is the SANREMO OPERA that the world of coffee is watching attentively for.

The output from an 'out there' project, involving a series of brainstorming sessions with a carefully selected assembly of world class baristas, engineers and development specialists from around the globe.

The OPERA is outstanding. Outstanding in the way it makes coffee, outstanding in the way it controls infusion temperature, outstanding in the options for controlling recipes, the way it is constructed and outstanding in the way the user interfaces with it. As John Gordon and Sasa Sestic said, the coffee it produces defies logic!

So we have an exciting job to do and what is I expect to be an amazing year of testing and learning new things, and discussing the shape of things to come on the back of what some people say, is the start of a coffee equipment revolution.

Details and test results to follow, in what promises to be a great journey through 2014.

I hope that everyone in our Industry enjoys a successful, healthy and prosperous year as we all seek the means to a perfectly extracted coffee every single day. The Sanremo community I know, certainly will.