A simple request on the warehouse floor of Sanremo UK leads to an unexpected explosion of slow-mo destruction and culminates in a sensational cappuccino. And it’s all captured on film in a novel new music video, which has premiered today at the London Coffee Festival.

Sanremo UK, one of the UK’s leading professional espresso coffee machine suppliers, created the music video in its Devon-based workshop, utilising local creative and music talent to inject some novel fun and rhythm into the world of coffee.

In just under three minutes, it depicts an off-the-wall perspective on what can happen behind closed workshop doors when a simple request for coffee escalates…

The film launches online and airs at two big events in the coffee calendar this week: London Coffee Festival and the UK Barista Championship (UKBC) semifinal and final.

Sanremo UK is sponsoring the UKBC and its machines feature in the contest for the fifth year running.  Indeed, the stunning Verona TCS constructed during the video also has a starring role at the UKBC.

Andrew Tucker, Managing Director of Sanremo UK, said: “It has been great fun to create this video from scratch.

“As a brand, we pride ourselves on building machines that are visually striking, whilst offering best in class build quality and makes coffee taste great.  We wanted to capture that somehow – infused with a real sense of mischief and fun.  We’d like to think the three minutes of what might come across as total chaos, is not only primarily entertaining, but also conveys a flavour of energy we feel as a fast and growing brand.”

Background Information

While principally a marketing video, without the usual sales patter and slogans, with the focus firmly on originality and exuberance (and a hint of eccentricity).

Concept and Delivery

The concept, created by Formedia Marketing and PR, was brought to fruition by creative production agency The Media Workshop Ltd, and was written and directed by its Managing Director, Tim Dollimore. With an original musical composition from four accomplished musicians – Tim Brooks, Alex Smith, Craig Connet and Josiah Manning – the film also sees Sanremo engineer, David Wilson’s acting debut!