We provide our coffee machines to businesses up and down the UK who in turn represent our community, personality, and values. After being hand-assembled in Treviso, Northern Italy, our machines have a long journey before arriving at our headquarters here in the UK. It's always special for us to see where our machines complete their journey and learn why people chose them.

One particular Zoe Vision machine has made its way into a beautiful cafe called Hypha in Chester. Hypha caught our attention on social media as we were blown away by its visually pleasing aesthetics - from the interior design to the presentation of their food. We reached out to learn more about this inspiring business...

You are Chester’s first plant-based, sustainable venue, tell us your story...

We are a plant-based sustainable restaurant but we are not preachy about it whatsoever. We want to create tasty food and drinks without using animal products and being mindful of the impact we have as a food business.

We are looking to minimise our wastage and work with micro-seasonal produce to ensure we are as closed-loop as possible. This means using the entirety of different vegetables or designing menus for both bar and kitchen to share ingredients or influences.

We currently use our spent espresso grounds to make a cold brew which is then fermented with kefir grains and used as a glaze for roasted piccolo parsnips in the kitchen.

Your space doesn’t look that good by chance… who are the brains behind the interior design?

We drafted up ideas for the space with influence from a few places visited on a research trip to New York and used an interior design team called Brereton Pinnington Design to sustainably source the majority of the furniture.

We have worked together on past ventures and Hypha has recently been nominated for the Northern Design Awards!

Why did you choose the Zoe Vision for your business?

We looked at a few different machines for the venue but after recommendation from the guys at Buxton Roastery and the experience we had from a smaller model in another one of our venues, the Zoe seemed to be the right fit.

Everything from the aesthetic to the impeccable mechanics, the Zoe makes it easy to showcase the nuances in the coffee beans themselves. It really accentuates the subtle flavours of our shade-grown coffee and really gets people talking.

What's your favourite feature and why?

Definitely the shot timers; it eliminates so much guesswork.

What Coffee do you serve?

We use the Penang Thai beans from Buxton Roastery. Shade-grown and direct from farmers in Chiang Rai to the roastery.

Which plant-based milk is most popular and which produces the best latte art?

We've gone with mainly oat milk as soy or almond (even the professional varieties) has the tendency to split while steaming. We're currently stocking Minor Figures as our oat milk of choice.

Finally, describe Hypha in 3 words...


Have you got a Sanremo Coffee machine in your cafe or restaurant? We'd love to hear from you!

Find out more about Hypha.