With the majority of coffee shops across the UK still closed, most commercial espresso machines have now remained switched off for almost two months.

As the most important piece of kit in any coffee business, it’s vital you keep an eye on it during any extended downtime and carry out a few quick maintenance checks to make sure it’s ready to start firing out espressos when your business reopens.

We caught up with our Technical Lead, Ben Clarke to talk through the three basic checks he recommends for your coffee machine when it’s not in use.

Watch the video below.

So in summary, Ben's three maintenance tips are:

Stage 1: Check the espresso machine drain

  • Remove the drip tray from the machine and pour a small amount of water into the drain.
  • Check to see that that water smoothly and cleanly drains away. If it doesn’t we suggest pouring a small amount of drain cleaner down, followed by boiling water. Repeat this process two times.
  • If the drain still doesn’t clear quickly and smoothly you will need to call an engineer.

Stage 2: Run two cleaning cycles

  • We recommend carrying out a minimum of two cleaning cycles on each group head.
  • On all Sanremo machines the cleaning cycle is activated by pressing buttons 1 and 5.

Stage 3: Flush the water boiler

  • Lastly, we want to hold down the hot water button until we have extracted 2 – 3 litres of water from the machine.
  • Carrying out this step ensures the water boiler is flushed and running properly.

For further coffee machine maintenance tips check out our maintenance advice guide.

Alternatively, if you have any questions please don’thesitate to get in touch with the team.