On 4th August the first South West Coffee Festival is set to take place at the Devon’s Powderham Castle. Home to the Earl and Countess of Devon, it is a fitting setting that showcases the beauty of the South West and now the taste of some of its finest coffee!


A three day event allowing visitors the flexibility to visit at a time to suit them, the festival is the brainchild of Derry Tydeman. Derry himself is the owner of The Glorious art House art cafe in Exeter as well as a serial entrepreneur on a mission to celebrate the best of coffee and all its associated elements from art to fine food.

Realising that the South West has a lot to offer the coffee industry, but no platform of its own on which to showcase it, the idea of organising a coffee festival for the area had been percolating for some time. Finally deciding that if he didn’t do it then someone else would, he set out with a clear set of objectives.

“It’s a passion project and is about building something new”

What makes the South West Coffee Festival different?

This was to be a festival that opened up the coffee industry to everyone with enthusiasm for coffee, rather than limiting it to the experts: “I wanted it to be for people who like coffee but don’t necessarily understand the details of it,” he says, continuing: “I knew I didn’t want it to be a typical trade show.”

With quality over quantity and experience over money making at its core, Derry has cherry picked exhibitors for the event, showing the best roasters alongside bakers, coffee machine suppliers, and lifestyle brands that compliment the art of good coffee.

Spending hours discussing the nuances of the occasion with exhibitors, the result is a labour of love for everyone involved: “It’s a passion project and is about building something new,” says Derry, “I think and hope it is something people can really enjoy.”

“It’s wonderful how you get different roasters who take the same beans and turn them into something completely different”

Unique to the South West

Key to the event is that it’s largely populated by people who have started and run their own businesses, adding an entrepreneurial and artisan element that’s prevalent in the South West. “I don’t think there are many other shows where you will meet the people who have started the business,” says Derry: “It’s an exciting thing to do; for every business there we can tell you the name of the person who started it.”

Derry’s passion for coffee, and crucially, all things done well, is at the heart of the event encouraging passion for the creativity and skill involved in the coffee craft: “It’s wonderful how you get different roasters who take the same beans and turn them into something completely different,” he thrills, adding; “it sounds strange but I am mostly looking forward to watching people leave - seeing them make new friends and new connections, that is what I was really after from the whole event.”