It began with a concept of freedom, with ‘anything is possible’ euphoria. Living life the way you want with no limitations and complete liberation.

That is how the journey of the Café Racer began. As we explored ideas and searched for something that communicated this feeling, the Café Racer motorbike emerged. The Racer fitted with more than just the emotion we were trying to portray; it encapsulated everything we were trying to achieve. The exhilarating experience of riding a motorcycle into the sunset, of travelling into the unknown and being invincible, strong enough to face anything. The feeling we all instinctively desire, became the foundation of the coffee machine we created. It represents the Sanremo community, who we are as a company, our personalities and our values. The force that continuously motivates us, drives us forward, and resonates in each of us. As it stands today, the Café Racer cult shares the same sense of belonging, and conveys the fearlessness to not only be different and stand out, but also a mental decision to be free.